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Senior Project Manager/Owner

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been at this for a while now and like many entrepreneurs it feels like I’m just hitting the right stride.  I love what I do and fundamentally I am a shooter of video and photos and manage it all through project management methodologies.  I am a Navy veteran which enabled me to travel, meet people and be in various world situations.  I’m also a husband, father, grandfather and brother.  I’ve been involved in several social organizations like Masonic Master Masons, 100 Black Men, NAACP and UNCF.  What I do is not about having the latest gear but more about developing phenomenal projects with what works.  Listen, I’m glad you’re here reading this and perusing the website and I hope we can at least have a conversation and maybe do some business one day.  For me, I’m in a place where I feel life in most things I do. Life is Good, Life is Happy.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTING: I’ve been using project management methodologies long before I knew about the PMP certification and methodologies that come with it.  Waterfall, Agile, Scrum are a few of the methodologies I use when on the project or consulting with a client to make sure projects are on time and budget.  It’s important to note that other certifications like OSHA are on-going.

VIDEOGRAPHY: Framing the shot, audio and lighting are no problem.  What I bring to the session is knowing the right questions to ask and how to ask the question.  I read a person before and during the session because almost everyone has a story behind the story and I always try to bring that story out.  I started out shooting documentaries because these are great stories and I love stories from the heart and ones that tell a truth.

PHOTOGRAPHY: I love shooting architecture and have been doing so for over 30 years. I love the lines and angles and sometimes the enormity of a building.  My love for architecture came during my travels to Europe and seeing old world architecture in Barcelona, Rome, Northern Africa and more.  I also love old structures, doors, churches graveyards and whatever catches my eye because there are stories in warped wood, weathered patina and leaning buildings.  Let’s go shoot an old building.