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CIAA LIVE STREAMING – We LIVE streamed the games for 2½ days with crystal clear quality and sound.

















VIDEO/EVENT PRODUCTION – We contributed to this story that aires on the Fusion Network.














2017 Proved to be a very good year and was a segue to 2018.  There were lots of smaller video production projects and streaming projects for the City of Gastonia.










VIDEO PRODUCTION/LIVE FEED: We were called to provide video production and live feed services for the Hillary Clinton Campaign stop at Johnson C. Smith University.  Just one broadcast camera and over 1000 feet of fiber optic cable feeding live video to 2 locations on campus.  We also provided projectors and screens for viewing.  Awesome opportunity and the crew did an awesome job.





img_1647VIDEO PRODUCTION: LORAY MILLS ATHLETIC CLUB is an awesome facility with a great story.  Take a look at the video and see the story.





JCSU Commencement Exercises With Oprah Winfrey 5-15-16 by Jon StrayhornEVENT VIDEO PRODUCTION:  For the JCSU Commencement Exercise.  This one was different because we had to get ready for Oprah Winfrey who was the commencement speaker.  This time we provided 5 cameras, production switcher, 12 person crew, provided a live feed in 2 different buildings on campus and 2 LED jumbotrons on the field.  We ran fiber for all cameras and the longest run was 1500 feet to the gym for overflow viewing.



Trailer side 2

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Professional Security Services has been a client for years and Deputy Chief Lee Ratliff has always ask for challenging videos.  Recently we developed a ‘how-to’ video explaining the use and purpose of their proprietary reporting software. Shortly after they needed a marketing video for their website so we changed gears and produced a great video they all approve of.





VIDEO PRODUCTION:  Expectations are high when working with such a large national company.  Working with the supplier diversity team we produced several videos including executive interviews and event summary videos.  This was full production including 2 cameras, boom and secondary microphones, primary & secondary audio recording devices, light kit with 4 LED lights, PA’s, videographers and producers.





ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE: Developing an online questionnaire centered around supplier diversity.  This is a two part project involving graphic design, hosting and video production.  From a design standpoint we will develop a look that is graphically pleasing and engaging to enhance the look and feel of this interactive questionnaire with color and design elements.  RMG will host the project on our servers and the video production aspect will involve interviewing several people to incorporate them into the questionnaire.






EVENT VIDEO PRODUCTION:  For the JCSU Commencement Exercise we provided 3 cameras, production switcher, 7 person crew and event was streamed LIVE.  1 camera was positioned over 200 feet away and the 2 remaining cameras were close to the stage.  We also provided 2 large LED screens positioned on either side of the stage displaying the our main video feed to the audience.  Event was captured at PRORES 422 and will be edited for DVD distribution.








EVENT VIDEO PRODUCTION:  For the JCSU Baccalaureate Service we provided 2 cameras, production switcher 5 person crew and event was streamed LIVE. Event was captured at PRORES 422 and will be edited for DVD distribution.









VIDEO PRODUCTION:  For Carowinds this project required 1 camera with wide angle lens. Our tasked was to capture people eating at the park’s latest offering, ‘Taste of the Carolinas’, where samples of food from different regions of North and South Carolina were offered.  We obtained soundbites, people eating and enjoying their food and committing how this was a great idea. RMG edited the video for use by client.







VIDEO PRODUCTION:  This was an interesting project with a very tight turn around.  Utilizing one broadcast camera, lights and microphones. Started shooting in Davidson, NC, then off to Memphis, TN for more interviews, back on the plane to La Crosse, WI. Once back in Charlotte the editing started and completed in two days.







EVENT A/V PRODUCTION:  We provided complete audio and video solutions for the Institute’s annual event including projectors, projector screens, wireless microphones, music, content creation and a two person crew.