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Rutherford Media Group, LLC is deeply rooted in the fundamentals of story-telling.  The majority of our work is video production but there is always a plethora of discussion around BRANDING, PUBLIC RELATIONS, STRATEGIC PLANNING and MARKETING and we make the story match the brand.  Speaking of stories, we’re big story-tellers and when given the green light we put a ton of time in great opens, beefy bodies and super closings.



For more than 15 years, we’ve adhered to a simple philosophy; tell the story clients want, but show them the one they don’t see. What we offer goes far beyond the lights and cameras. It’s about how we make you feel before, during and after the process. It’s about making a 7min video seem as if it’s only 3min but more importantly it’s about telling the best story ever. While we sometimes use graphics to help enhance video, we choose and often compose the right music and sound efx to help you feel the story. But what we’re most proud of is finding the perfect sound bite that turns raw video into THE story.



We do audio/video production for conferences, galas and events.  We provide sound (audio mixers, microphones, speakers, etc.), lighting (standard and special effects), cameras (for IMAG and more), content (showcasing sponsors, rolling video, graphics etc.).









Architecture & Construction Image Documentation.












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Music: Creative Commons License Act Cool ( Roman Holiday ) by Loveshadow is licensed under a Attribution.